Wind on Rocky Tops

For the last year, folks over in the Coal River Valley of West Virginia have been working to create the future of sustainable energy in the coal state, with a project that could very well change the paradigm in the fight for Environmental Justice and the future of this land.

But Massey energy and their State cronies are passing the buck, as you can see below (with video), and, as always, its up to the people to do the right thing.

“Charleston, W. Va. (WSAZ)–Neighbors and environmental groups rallied Tuesday night at the state capitol, hoping to create an alternative energy source for a proposed mountain top removal site on Coal River Mountain in Raleigh County.

Their proposal still allows for underground mining, which would save the top of the mountain for a wind farm.

Massey Energy has most of the permits it needs, but they’re urging Governor Manchin to step in and rescind permits.

They also handed over a petition with about 10-thousand signatures.

A spokesperson for the governor said it would be inappropriate for him to interfere in this process because Massey went through the appropriate regulatory agency.

The D-E-P says there are still revisions that need to be made before they can grant all of the permits, but those are expected to be approved in the next couple of weeks.”


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