Eric MCdavid

Eric is just one of many folks effected by the GREEN SCARE an FBI opperation to stop this pesky little green movement going on. Obviously we have these folks scared so lets keep up the fight! any way i have been reading up a lot on erics case, and the more i read the more i feel like any one of my friends could soon be put in the same situation. he did absolutely nothing other than think a certain way. and they call him the “leader” of his elf cell b.c he facilitated a meeting, does that mean that im the leader of any group b,c i have facilitated a meeting? please check out his website :

i think it would be very worth while for some folks to write letters in support, and to maybe have a fundraiser, he needs money for a new lawyer. also send him books and pictures that you have drawn or poems that you’ve written, flood him with positivity to keep him on the positive mind set. put your self in his shoes and do what ever you think would make some one feel better.

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About babybird1

i am an activist, acting against everything that is wrong with the world. although in my situation i am not able to fight all things, so i focus my heart and soul and passion on the tree of babylon. i see that i have put my self into a position that i never would have thought i would be in 3 years ago. but now here i am and i love everything about it, i love the passion and the rage that i feel against the opressers, and i love even more the fight that i put against them. i love all the people who fight with me and next to me for the same purposes as i. they all have had such an impact on me that i have no way of repaying them other than sharing with them how much i love them and helping them to fight for what is right.

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