Checked the Price of Oil Recently?


If you’re not familiar with the idea of Peak Oil , you should look into it a bit. We are looking at the forced end of the business as usual, just in time to start working on the worst of possible climate change. At any rate, Tom Whipple, an Oil guy who has been writing and talking about Peak Oil for a long time, blasts the Washington Post here. Worth Checking out:

“One of these days the Washington Post will connect all the dots and start explaining to official Washington and the many policy makers among their readers the true story of oil. We can only hope that day will not come too late.”


Annie is making a (maga)”ZINE”

Alright Everyone!
So I have been saying that I was going to make this Zine for awhile
now and you know what? I am going to do it! So here is my call for
submissions. I was hoping that I could get them before Thanksgiving
and having it ready by December. So please please please! Send me
anything that you think is print worthy. I want all things written;
poems, lyrics, short stories, short essays, feature articles, rants,
narratives, journal entries, recipes, DIY recipes….anything. I also
want your drawings, photographs, sketches, collages, doodles,
paintings, stencils whatever you think is cool.
 This first zine is going to be experimental to see what sort of theme
we want to have. For now I just want stuff that is important to you
socially, environmentally, economically, literary, any sort of
ALTERNATIVE way of thinking…..I want to create a platform for you all
to share ideas and get your stuff out there.
So this is a rather inspiring email. But I really want to make this
happen! Please forward this to friends that you think would be

Here are some guidelines
-artwork and what not should be kinda small because I’m trying to fit
it on half a legal size paper (so like 8 ½ by like 5 ½ ) if its bigger
we can make it work.
-if you are emailing me artwork send it as a picture .tiff file or a .pdf file
-if you are emailing me writing send it in a word .doc file.
-since zines are DIY style though I would prefer poems and short
pieces like that hand written or however you see fit to express it.
You can even draw doodles around your poem or write it with cut out
letters (ransom note style)
-OH MOST IMPORTANT this is going to be BLACK AND WHITE so don’t go
crazy with color.

Please email me stuff
Or you could give it to me in person
I have a house you can deliver it to so call me: 5404082023
I go to school most days so you can give it to me on campus


Annie Cantrell

Ps. I would love ideas on this and your feed back.
*****AND PLEASE FORWARD to all your artsy minded, forward thinking,
poet type friends.



Ill be there this weekend, along with 5000 youth from around the country.

The idea is to shift the power to this budding echo-boom generation , to let the nation, and its politicians know that we are here, we are the ones that will be dealing with the effects of climate change, and we demand action to address the problem from every corner of society. Cant come? Take your own action. But also realize that this is a coming out of the climate movement, but the haul ahead is long, and we need everyone to take up the cry for a better, healthier, more stable world.

Tell your bank to Stop Funding Coal

This is a video of an action carried out by the Rain Forest Action Network last week. As you can see  RAN is waging a campaign to force banks to divest from coal and power companies that make Mountaintop removal coal mining possible through gigantic loans etc.

    You can help out.

1. Take action with others from around the country on November 16 or 17 by handing out fliers , talking to customers and cancelling your account at your local climate criminal’s base of operations.

2. Spread the word, tell your family, your friends etc that their banks may be banking on climate change.