Bioregional Secession

Hey all, sorry for the lack of posts recently. Life, as you may know, can be obnoxiously real and demanding. before this gets real, I want to just throw it out there that I am definitely looking to have more contributors to this thing, so if you have articles worth sharing, poetry, short stories, videos, drawings or anything else, yours or others, definitely email me.

This comes from the Earth First Journal (original). This is a thought ive talked to a few people about recently. It seems sometimes like the system is failing under the weight of its own size, and we can certainly talk about the alienation between representatives and the represented, the gross corruption and politicizing and polarization and apathy that is rooted in the scale of our current system. People are unable to make decisions on issues that effect them in this country because the federal government, trying to represent 300 million people, has decided for them. The US Federal government inhibits democracy?

what do we do? secede.

“Yes, I said secession: the breaking up of large nations into smaller independent political entities that run their own affairs, have their own governments, operate their own economies and control their own environments on a bioregional scale. It’s a word that scares people even now, and most of the time it conjures up ideas of treason, illegality, racism or just plain futility.

But it really is as American as, well, the Declaration of Independence, which states that “it is the right of the people to alter or abolish [wrongful government], and to institute new government in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.” As American as the war that followed from that—not a revolutionary war at all but a secessionist one, since the colonists had no intention of taking over the British government, only of separating from it to run their own governments as they saw fit. As American, in fact, as the separation of Maine from Massachusetts, Tennessee from North Carolina, and West Virginia from Virginia, all of which were done in an orderly and peaceful fashion.

There is a myriad of reasons to contemplate secession these days. On the one hand, it frees a territory from the incompetent, corrupt, militaristic and illegal government in Washington, DC, as well as the empire that Washington has created to spread its corporate owners around the world. At the same time, it provides a scale of decision-making that allows something close to true democracy (representation that truly reflects a constituency’s wishes); a scale of trade and commerce that allows full employment, healthy food, nontoxic material goods and a sound currency free of the volatile and perilous dollar; a scale of administration that replaces the bloated federal bureaucracy with smaller, more efficient and responsive operations; in short, a scale of human affairs at which—as the success of countless small nations has shown—people have control over the decisions that affect their lives and the institutions that serve and protect them.”


5 thoughts on “Bioregional Secession

  1. i absolutely love this. but if certain states were to suceed, what would keep the government from lashing out just as in the civil war, just this time with more powerful wepons, and more destructive tactics. there is no denying that the government is not out to protect our rights by any means, rather they are out to protect the money in their pockets, and the amount of times they are elected, and in order to protect those 2 things,, they will stop at no level of destruction. it is a great idea but it would happen that a civil war times 1000 would occur, ending most likely in a government with even more of a grasp over the eyes of the american public.

  2. FIRST i should say that if this seems ridiculous to you, join the club. BUT these ideas are highly plausible when you consider the grand scheme of things…

    i must admit i have dreamt about this before. I read somewhere that durring the struggle for slave/free states in the US circa civil war, anti-slavery acvocates lead mass migrations to states that were on the verge of swinging…

    … they made themselves a majority of the state and voted against slavery by the rule book. CORRECT ME if im wrong but this is interesting since americans are allowed to move freely between states and vote almost immediately as a member of that state..

    … so if you let your mind wander a bit, its easy to imagine a flood of like-minded peak-oil fearing, earth loving people moving to, lets say rhode island for arguments sake and voting to secede legally. i think in this day in age, with the united states fighting wars to “spread democracy,” it would be absurd for the national government to start a civil war. goodness knows there would be passion behind the cause.. because its totally lawful for a state to secede, that is, there are rules for it properly laid out procedure in the constitution.

    if they tried to start a civil war, the situation would be dangerously controvercial and frankly hipocritical and backward. thats the kind of inspiration and FERVOR that BRINGS DOWN WALLS!

    i say bring it on! that would be an attrocity akin to what is happening in Burma (Myanmar) at the moment BUT it would be staged in the “land of the free” I LOVE IT! where and when?

    Sucession. That would be the humiliation the united states deserves! no more war for oil! no more pollution and classism! no more casino capitalism and corruption!

    what is DEFFINATELY true is that, this cannot be done simply for the sake of doing it. it would likely be a lifetime commitment for many.. but a very noble and valuable one for sure. it would mean making a state (be it a bioregion or a politically drawn border) sustainable. that means learning geography, soils, climate, transportation and all the millions of logistics involved with making a place livable..

    mega brains needed.. but hey.. it seems like these are the folks attracted to these issues anyway


  3. i see all your points and love them all. unfortunately i do sereiously think that the government would use all its same tactics. they would call the sucession “terrorism” and “anti partiotic”, where you and i know that sucession is a vital tactic in up holding a true democracy. but i dont think the government would stand for it, yes right now the gov is pre-occupied by other countries, but the second a large group of peopl started growing distain for the government, it would rear its ugly head towards us. i think its a great idea and i love it but i think that unless it was plannned out for many years, and unless it silently gained a bunch of support, it would fail almost immediately. it is truely a great thing to work for but it will take tons of planning and even more man power behind it.

  4. yeah, you are definitely right about that. the american government has already declared something akin to war against american citizens in the name ‘national security’ and its obvious that they wouldnt be happy with a seccesion…
    … my only point is, TO BAD! i get the feeling that if a well organized group committed to an idea like this it would be like the “go ahead,” the harbinger for building Zion for all the ready minds around the world.
    it doesn’t matter what the american government had the potential to do. if the seccession was lawful, or even just moral, it would make any government retaliation counterproductive towards its goals, that is a complacent and unified USA.
    i dont disagree with you for a moment that the states would probably try to bring the movement down.. heck they use water cannons and pepper spray at demonstrations regularly… what i thnk we should all realize here is, that wouldnt be such a bad thing. the more they fight the stronger our case is.. DO THEY NEED GUNS TO KEEP THESE STATES UNITED.. i bet they would… frankly i hope they do because THEN.. then will be the best time to open the flood gates. to start the acting weve been thinking about for ages.

    Thanks heaps for your comment babybird1 but there is something i have to clarify..

    you said “yes right now the gov is pre-occupied by other countries”

    i think you were refering to my comment…
    “i think in this day in age, with the united states fighting wars to “spread democracy,” it would be absurd for the national government to start a civil war.”

    i think i failed to nail my point here. what i was trying to say was not that because they are fighting a war they would not start a conflict at home..

    what i mean to say here is that because the United States is fighting a war to SPREAD DEMOCRACY they could never put down a constitutional secession with public support.

    just look at the public rhetoric surrounding Iraq before Greenspan outed the Bush admin. for fighting for oil. people genuinely believed, and it made them happy to believe, that the united states was fighting for democracy and to keep our freedoms safe.

    people love the idea that the united states brings justice and freedom to its own people and those around the world. what seems hopeful in this argument for secession is that, so long as our message is clear and undivided, it will be recieved with support from the american public.. and deffinately the world..

    all the planning is within us, and the people are waiting. thanks babybird for bringing me back to earth 😉


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