The Sounds of Planet Earth 10/7/07

Last night’s show we talked a little bit about Blackwater USA.

Download the show here . Played a bunch of music too, including a brand new recording from the Greg Ward Project

Throw Away Your TV has some more good stuff on Blackwater too.

Blackwater has been in the news recently:

We played this video over the air, from the author of a recent book about Blackwater.

The question that comes up for me on this issue is, if there is unrest in this country in the future, if we all get fed up with the state of things and show our outrage in the streets, is it BlackWater Thugs that come out with their AK’s? These people have no allegiance to human rights, freedom of speech, or fair trial.

Furthermore, they have no interest in ending this war. They make billions of dollars from tax payers to stay over there. We can write our representatives, cast our ballots, protest in the streets, while this and many other companies grease the pockets of our representatives, fund campaigns, and have no reason to listen to public sentiment.

 As always, if you have ideas for what we should cover next week, email me or annie, or






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