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From an article called

The Horse Latitudes of Resistance

“It’s an interesting time for Americans who understand citizenship as an active personal responsibility. United States policy is as committed as it has ever been to visions of empire with all the trimmings. In addition to the imperial quagmire in Iraq and curtailment of civil liberties at home, we’re facing a climate crisis that’s inconvenient for corporate interests. But widespread public dissatisfaction is more evident in opinion polls than it is at the ballot box or on the street. Activists stage massive protests to an audience that seems not to extend much beyond the like-minded. And yet, communities like Asheville, North Carolina, are beehives of effective social action. What’s going on here?”

The article charts the course of activism in these heady times, and speaks a lot to the idea that some of the best direct, society changing action we can take is to create communal, human scale, profit last institutions in our communities that provide alternatives to the babylon beast. Worth checking out if you have got the time.



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