THe Sounds of PLanet Earth

                                                9-30-07 – Grab the podcast here

If you have ideas for what we should play or talk about next time, send me or Annie an email – or . Some of the Artists you heard on the show include:

Tandava (British Columbians playing Hindi Music), Sonic Liberation Front, Eric Lindell, Toots and the Maytals, Fred Buscaglione, Gondwana, Freakbass, Stephen Kent, Grupo Naidy, CLara Moreno, Oliver Mtukudzi, Corey Harris, Trees on Fire.

:One Zine Scene:

This has got some Zines in the front and a good example of DIY band publication at the end. woo

We discussed Do It Yourself culture tonight. We found it was far too broad of a topic, and that we might have to revisit it in the future. Here are some Wikipedia pages for you to get a brief feel for what the broad idea of DIY is all about:

DIY Ethic 

DIY Culture

WE also spent a good deal of time talking bout DIY Zines. Annie is way into the cool world of Zines check it out: which is a portland based free resource center and library for independent publications is a good place to just search for zines and read reviews

SOME ZINES I LIKE a feminist/music/ type zine for women with a large emphasis on DIY culture and women. lots of reviews of cool stuff women are doing themselves. Has reviews for other zines too! Their website leads to other cool DIY type sites. its relies on readers for its material. readers send in interesting photos, notes, or other odd things they find.  a really cool audio zine. has lots of zine reviews for zines that don’t have websites….check out “community bike cart design” “plug” basically the how-to section is cool and the fiction section. hell they all are cool.

***this list could go on and on. just search around this is a good base though.

ZINE LIBRARIES-these are good resources if you want to find out  more about different types of zines and their culture

Seattle Zine Archive & Publishing Project

Aboveground Zine Library in New Orleans

Barnard Zine Library

Chicago Underground Library

Denver Zine Library

Papercut Zine Library in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Zine World

***ALSO the Rocktown Info Shop on Elizabeth Street in Harrisonburg (and other infoshops or freespaces) has a section of zines in their library that you can borrow that range in topics.***


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