Throw Away Your TV

This comes from a really great Vlogger ive been reading/watching for a minute. Check his vlog here.

The consumer society, Takerdom, Babylon, is not a thing which just happens. It is sold to us, and we buy it. But we have that choice. throw away your TV, tune out, walk away, take up a small axe.

PS: Still working on getting a post with podcast on the last Sounds of PLanet Earth episode. GOt sick this week, really sapped some energy. Stay tuned.


The Sounds of Planet Earth 9/16


The second episode of The Sounds of PLanet Earth aired tonight on WXJM 88.7 FM . The Sounds go on every Sunday night from 10:00 – Midnight, featuring the sounds being made by earth animals, especially humans, in every form. Check out the Sounds of Planet Earth tab at the top of this page for more info about the show.

Or just click below to listen to this weeks show.

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Here are links to some of the memes we talked about tonight. Feel free to comment here or in email about them, the show, or anything else for that matter.

Free Skools / Alternative Education

Santa Cruz Free Skool. One of the originals, Summerhill

– Alternative skooling in the Shenandoah Bio-region

The Afterculture – Imagining a post-babylon North American culture.

Desmond Tutu speaking at JMU on Friday, September 21, 7 PM

“Goodness is Powerful”

Steal This Book by Abbie Hoffman – Steal everything? Not if everything belongs to everyone. Change through NowAction!

Andy Goldsworthy– Creating Earth art from earth things and letting Gaia wreak her beauty havoc on whats put before her. The Smithsonian liked it enough.

What we are about

last night was the first meeting of the school year of a campus environmental group i organize with at my university (JMU EARTH). we were trying to orientate about 70 new people to what we do and how we do it. to open the meeting up, I wrote down a bunch of words to describe what it is that motivates us to do what we do, and I wanted to share those with you.



This world needs a change.

    We have a warming climate, wars for oil, mountains, lives and communites being destroyed to get at the black rock buried in the hills. We’ve got whole species dying and oceans getting poisoned as we go about all our business as usual. We need a change.

One of the best places for this change to come from is from those who think about and care for their environment. Thats because thinking about your environment means not just thinking about old growth forests, endangered animals and all the fuzzy bunnies in the world, but really it means thinking about the Food we eat, the air we breathe, the land we walk on, the water we drink, and maybe most importantly, the people we live with, and the people all over the world that we depend on, but dont necessarily see every day.

The change we need, though, has got to come from EVERYONE. We cant rely ony anyone but the people we live and interact with every day. Governments and corporations, though definitely changeable, have vested interests in making sure that things remain the same.

Part of what is wrong with this world is that we are told that cannot change it, that all we can do is vote and hope for the the best.

Part of changing the world for the better, part of ensuring that justice is served for every human being, that every voice is heard, that oppression by human over human and by human over nature is ended, is including everyone in decision making processes. Direct, participatory democracy is possible, and necessary for a sustainable future.

So thats what we are about. We are learning about, teaching about, and creating about us a just, sustainable future where every voice is heard, where respect for every form of life is as great as the respect for humanity.

We are about creating a cultural change that does away with the belief that humans are apart from the world and not a part of it. We believe another world is possible, and that by thinking globally and acting locally, we can help bring it about.

Thats right, we are young, we are idealistic, we are energetic and ambitious. But we are organized, we have fun, and we get shit done. We have learned from those who came before, and we are teaching all that come after us.

reclaim the uncommons

today i spoke with some folk about having fun

with images and symbols that babylon puts before us

those whose pocketbooks fuel the creation of these symbols and things

think that we think they are sacrosanct, sitting tall like a heavenly buy me spire high in the rarified air of consumerdom

but what are those signs, physical manifestations of the faith in purchase,

material for re-creation, for expression, for cultural retooling

und sehr sehr laut sprechecn.

shape your environs, while they shape you.

Intergalactic day of action against Bank of America



On Friday, August 31, Mountain Justice Summer  called for action against Bank of America for their funding of companies that are leveling mountains in order to get at the black rock buried within. These companies are the financial apex of a society bent on putting profit before people. They irreversibly destroy eco-systems, communities, stable global climates,
while fattening the pockets of corpracats in Richmond, New York and other places far from the poisoned lands their parisitic capitalism leaves behind.

Over 20 cities in the US took part in the day of action. In my Bio-Region (Shenandoah-BlueRidge) the newly formed Blue Ridge Earth First! organized local actions in Harrisonburg and Blacksburg. You can read reportbacks as they come in at the group’s website below.


What if the moons guided our days?

Praise the Phases

Thank you lord for all that you have given me. I lift my hands hands up in praise to the lord, or mother earth, or Jah, or Krishna, or Allah, for at this moment in time i feel connected with all gods in power, how can we give the all powerful omni present being a name. Human thoughts cant conceive of all the glory that god holds. Lift your hands up in praise and thanks for giving us this beautiful earth to walk, and these beautiful thoughts to think, and these perfect tears to cry, and these immaculate words to scream.

His eyes watch over us at all times. But don’t be mistaken in thinking that he intercedes with our lives, he has given us our own tools to make our life a living heaven and a living hell. I personally have seen a living hell, have been through it, and tonight as my hands type this frantically, i have reached a living heaven. I have reached a pillar in which i can see the earth, and this life for all the beauty that it really is. I am grateful for all the strife and tribulation i have seen, and put myself through, for it has made me appreciate life’s tiny blessings for what they really are.

The only way that i see fit to give thanks for this life and this earth to walk, is to protect it as it were my child. To stand up to any who want to harm it. I will fight at any lengths to stand up to those who try to oppress me, to make a submissive person, falling to the beck and call of those who only intend to harm me, my brothers and sisters, my mother and father, and all those who have walked before us. It is up to is to fallow in the footsteps of those who have paved the road for us, and to keep paving the road for our children to come. It is up to us to tread through thick forests, never before walked to ensure that the path our children will walk will be one that no one has ever seen. It is our job to lead the path to the tree of salvation and freedom, as opposed to the tree of Babylon. We must chop down the tree, and keep walking and keep speaking and fighting and raising hell until our salvation tree is planted.

I will not give up ever. I will live my life to work for a better world. I will never harm another human being, i will fight those who intend to oppress me, but i refuse to use their tactics to fight them. I will fight them with my words, my prayers, my music, my voice, my hands, and my feet. I will fight them with everything that has been given to me, and we will win, its not a question of when, but rather how. Violence is not the way to win, winning takes more courage than fighting, it takes conviction and passion.

THANK YOU LORD FOR GIVING ME THE POWER OF PASSION AND OUTRAGE AND HEART BREAK AND SPIRIT. I will up hold the prestige of the earth that surrounds me and holds me. I will protect mother earth as if she were my child.