resist much, obey litte

Honor Thy Father

it is our job, as concious citizens, thinkers, activists, or just plain people pissed off about how the world is being run; to stand up to the hierarchy and pathriarchy that is going agaist our grain as humans, holding us back from operating in the best intres of the communities we have placed ourselves into. we must take it upon ourselves to chop down the encroaching, and evasive tree that is babylon, and replace it with our naturally spawned tree, nurture that and feed into it. we were not ment to live this way, so why submit to a culture that holds us back from living free lives, lives that benifit our minds souls and spirits. mind soul and spirit are the 3 targets that we must work to enrich by by every second of every day for all of our lives. we must work for the good of man kind, but the only way we can do that is by working for our own mental spiritual and emotional health and strength.

listen to me when i say when you are put into a situation where you are expected to submit to an unhealthy authority, you must train yourselfs to rebel, and resist for that authority. and most importantly, take nothing as truth, explore and find your own truth, take every single experience as a learning experience and learn every day of your life….TAKE NOTHING AS THE COMPLETE TRUTH….RESIST MUCH OBEY LITTLE!!

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About babybird1

i am an activist, acting against everything that is wrong with the world. although in my situation i am not able to fight all things, so i focus my heart and soul and passion on the tree of babylon. i see that i have put my self into a position that i never would have thought i would be in 3 years ago. but now here i am and i love everything about it, i love the passion and the rage that i feel against the opressers, and i love even more the fight that i put against them. i love all the people who fight with me and next to me for the same purposes as i. they all have had such an impact on me that i have no way of repaying them other than sharing with them how much i love them and helping them to fight for what is right.

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