Welcome. Start chopping

      Small Axe is a song written by Lee Perry, released on the Wailers album Burnin’ in 1973. I’ll post the lyrics soon. The song is a triumphant declaration that though the repressed, the oppressed, the enlightened, the suffering, the outcasts, the counter-culturalists, the meek, and the masses may hold little sway or say in the conventional halls of power,  together we hold the tools for taking down the big tree of babylon: tools for ending coercion, eco-destruction, injustice, hate and misunderstanding. This site is a place to share those tools; to discuss the cutting down of the bad tree; to envision the next world; to learn from others the best practices of sustainable cultural shift; to share memes of love, peace, justice, bio-centrism, beauty, art and creation.

We will share laughter and beauty here as much as pointing out the ugly symptoms of babylon, and we ask for your voice, for your art, for your criticism and your praise. We are striving for a world truly ruled by all people and all life, for free spaces for all voices to be heard, striving against rule by the few, against the stifling of any voice. We set before us the most important path there is in this world: Exodus from the cages of self-hate, bio-hate, and fear; heading towards new worlds of freedom, love, peace and eco-harmony. We are leaving babylon, flying away home to Zion. Will you fly with us?

Some of the contributors to this site are based in the Shenandoah and Blue Ridge bioregions, others share their voices from around the Earth. If you have something to say, if you want to grab up your own Small Axe, let us know. The more voices, the more blades chopping, the stronger we are, the faster the felling of this cancerous tree.

Welcome, let us start chopping, chanting, striding down babylon. a new world is possible.


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